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Event Management System

Event Management

HybridMLM software provides Event Management System integration which is used for creating events of the company and display them in the system for users to see. Various events take place in Multi-Level Marketing for activities like promotion & sales of products, training for distributors, parties, meetings, etc. So an efficient event Management system is crucial in MLM software for creating and managing different events and displaying it in a calendar.

HybridMLM’s event management module is visually appealing with an user-friendly calendar which the users will always want to see what’s going on in your MLM company. In this module, admin can create offline events and there is option for users to buy event tickets as well.

Event Management System - hybrid mlm software

Features of Event Management System in HybridMLM

We also have a modern event planning system which you can integrate with our MLM software. This add-on can take care of even creation on selected dates and at any specific time. Other features of our event management system includes;

  • You can add, edit and remove events easily and quickly.
  • Event calendar for easy and convenient date selection.
  • Easy to view and manage events with our calendar.
  • Event notification system that handles pop ups when a set event is due.
  • Map location picker in case there is a need to include a specific location to the set event.
  • Company events become more noticeable for customers and distributors.
  • Users can quickly find the company events and it helps in more engagement.