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Version History

Hybrid MLM Software - Changelog


  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 8.0 02-02-2024

    Integration of IP Stack ( for Customer Country Identification on Registration (IP Stack)

    DocuSign ( Integration for Seamless Document Handling

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 7.9 01-01-2024

    Introduction of Box Tree: A New Genealogy Tree Feature

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 7.8 12-12-2023

    Integration of Weglot ( Multi-Language Support

    Beehiiv ( Newsletter Integration

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 7.7 11-11-2023

    Backoffice CMS Module: Enhanced the backoffice CMS module with additional functionalities and improvements, enabling easier content management and customization.

    Bugfixes on Placement Changer and Sponsor Changer Modules

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 7.6 10-10-2023

    Added Promotional Tool: Implemented Promotional Tool feature to assist users in marketing and promoting their network.

    Subscriber: Added Subscriber management capabilities for better control and organization of user subscriptions.

    Terms & Conditions: Updated and revised the terms and conditions section to ensure compliance and clarity, providing users with transparent guidelines and agreements.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 7.5 09-09-2023

    Helpdesk: Added a helpdesk feature to provide users with support and assistance, improving user experience and satisfaction.

    Last Login Report: Introduced a report functionality to monitor and analyze user login activities, aiding in system usage analysis and security monitoring

    Multi Package Purchase: Enabled users to purchase multiple packages simultaneously, streamlining the purchasing process and enhancing flexibility.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 7.4 08-08-2023

    Announcement Module: Introduced a new module to facilitate announcements within the system, enhancing communication and engagement.

    E-mail Verification Report: Implemented a report feature to track and manage email verification status, ensuring data accuracy and security.

    Implemented Google Captcha V3

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 7.3 07-07-2023

    Laravel version 10.10: Introduced Laravel version 10.10, which comes with significant performance improvements.

    PHP version 8.1: Upgraded to PHP version 8.1, which has fibers, enums, and performance enhancements for more efficient and modern web development.

    Introduced headline news Scrolling dynamic web feature that displays breaking news updates in a continuous scrolling format, providing real-time information to users.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 7.2 06-06-2023

    Introduced a feature enabling the renewal of annual memberships for active users in the system.

    Integrated the Smart SMS Solution ( ) for enhanced messaging capabilities within the system.

    Introduced a "Remark" feature to store and manage customer-related information.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 7.1 05-05-2023

    Integrated HubSpot( ) for marketing and CRM.

    Integrated the NOWPayment( cryptocurrency API for both pay-ins and payouts, expanding payment options within the system.

    Introduced the VerifyMe( ) API for streamlined KYC verification processes, bolstering account security.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 7.0 04-04-2023

    Multiple Business Central: Multiple instances of "Business Central" have been introduced, allowing users to have multiple roles or positions, thereby expanding their capabilities and versatility within the system.

    Integrated the Sunpay ( ) API to streamline and enhance the checkout process.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 6.9 03-03-2023

    Multi-WooCommerce Integration: Enabled seamless connectivity with multiple WooCommerce websites.

    Introduced an internal shopping cart system with support for product variants.

    Implemented the ExchangeRate-API ( to provide real-time exchange rate data for currency conversion within the system.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 6.8 02-02-2023

    Implemented a queue job mechanism in the reporting system for improved task management and processing efficiency.

    Integrated the Qore ID API ( ) to facilitate user KYC verification, enhancing account security and authenticity.

    Launched the Single Leg MLM plan module, offering a new compensation structure.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 6.7 01-01-2023

    Implemented Paystack( ) for efficient mass payout processing.

    Implemented an order total report that includes additional amounts for improved transaction tracking.

    Introduced external payment gateway transaction reporting for enhanced visibility and monitoring.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 6.6 12-12-2022

    Introduced a content slider in the dashboard for improved content presentation.

    Implemented a regional flag slider that dynamically updates based on newly registered users' locations.

    Integrated the Flutterwave ( payment gateway to facilitate payments and payouts within the system.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 6.5 11-11-2022

    Introduced the Commission Adjuster tool for adjusting the distributed commissions

    Upgraded the payout module to version 3, adding new features and addressing bugs for improved functionality.

    Added banner support to the dashboard, enabling the display of promotional content.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 6.4 10-10-2022

    Webinar with Zoom Integration is added

    Opencat Extention to Connect Hybrid MLM feature is integrated.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 6.3 09-09-2022

    The visitor's Module Is Integrated.

    An appointment Module is added

    Visiting Card Module is introduced.

    Vonage SMS Integration feature is added (

    Improved User Migration Module is integrated

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 6.2 08-08-2022

    A multi-Vendor Internal Shopping Cart module is added

    A new MLM cycle plan is added.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 6.1 07-07-2022

    Whatsapp Module - Integration of Whatsapp module

    An easy payout module is added

    Shopify Module is Integrated

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 6.0 06-06-2022

    Integration of the Payid19 Crypto payment gateway

    Telegram Module - Integration of the telegram module

    Added a special promotional offer module.

    Bugs are fixed

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 5.9 05-05-2022

    An upline Tree Blinking option added

    Implemented Zoom Window feature

    Bugs are fixed and improved

    Quick Signup module is added

    Event Module - An event module was introduced.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 5.8 04-04-2022

    Different Dashboard Themes added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 5.7 03-03-2022

    Landing Page Module added

    Localisation Report

    Business Overview

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 5.6 02-02-2022

    Merge User Module added

    Block User Module added

    Simple Simulation Module added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 5.5 01-01-2022

    Veriff ( KYC Integration completed

    Bug Fixing of WooCommerce Plugin & MLM WoocCommerce Module added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 5.4 12-12-2021

    Improved Internal Backup & Restore Module added

    Dynamic to Static Menu Conversion Feature added

    Radial Tree added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 5.3 11-11-2021

    Order Refund

    Bug fixing

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 5.2 10-10-2021

    Monthly Account Statement to Email

    COC (Circle Of Champion) Module added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 5.1 09-09-2021

    Improved Internal Shopping Cart

    Terms & Condition Module added

    Commission Weekly Summary Report added

    Multiple Package Purchase at a time feature added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 5.0 08-08-2021

    Trinary Plan - Trinary plan added

    Leg Balancing Rank for Matrix Plan

    Holding Tank for Matrix

    Trinary Bonus added

    Trinary Info Block on Dashboard added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 4.9 07-07-2021

    PHP was upgraded to the latest version 7.4

    Laravel version was upgraded to 7.5

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 4.8 06-06-2021

    Hybrid MLM - WooCommerce Bridge Plugin - Updated

    Woocomerce Order Management Portal in MLM Backoffice - Order that comes in the Woocomerce portal can be managed at MLM Backoffice

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 4.7 05-05-2021

    Hyip Module - Hyip module added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 4.6 04-04-2021

    Bug fixing

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 4.5 03-03-2021

    Block registration - Admin can allow or block registrations of users if needed

    Set Default sponsor - New members without referrals can come under default sponsor and admin can set this default sponsor

    Age restriction - Admin can restrict registrations of users belonging to a certain age category

    Reserved Usernames - Certain usernames can be set as reserved

    Default Country - While registering, countries can be default set.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 4.4 02-02-2021

    Option for API Token Configuration

    API Implementation - To connect to other systems API’s were implemented

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 4.3 01-01-2021

    Coinbase - Crypto Payment Integration (

    Personalized Commission Manager

    Rapyd Payment Integration (

    Compression Module

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 4.2 12-12-2020

    Addition of languages- Tagalog and Belarusian

    Mail Notification Module set up the configuration for specific purpose

    The Learning Center is improved by bug fixing.

    SumSub KYC is kyc integration platform,

    Single Page Free/Paid Registration - the multiple pages forming in registration changes into single page registration.

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 4.1 11-11-2020

    The trending Flower Looming Plan Improved with integrating features like community lock, user replacement , primary and secondary waiting list and cycle face.

    The Flower Tree Views different colours to different cycles and also the gift status.

    Filer Center- admin can upload the file easily if it is in zip format

    NetCent Payment is a payment gateway

    ID card - admin and user can be able to view and print id card.

    Fidelity Program

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 4.0 10-10-2020

    The (API) application programming interface is developed

    Wordpress Integration is done by combining CMS and HybridMLM

    E-Wallet Payment Plugin for WooCommerce is implemented

    Referral Link Module -the module used for referring the links

    Manual Purchase for User from Admin

    Monthly Membership Fee Module -about monthly membership fee of each user.

    IP Blocker Module- module describes to resist the ip address which enter to our system

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 3.9 09-09-2020

    New languages like Urdu,Turkish, Slovene, Arabic, Polish, Malay, Thai are added

    New module POS (point of sale) is created to make easy payment

    Coin Wallet- wallet listing the coins from purchase of products

    Multiple Coins Payment options Using Coinpayment gateway were integrated.

    Stripe Payment Integration - type of payment method to accept payment online.

    Top Sponsors Report-This report shows the count of users who have more references

    Transaction Charges Report- This shows admin all the detailed transaction charges done by every user. Payment Integration-provide payment management and processing

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 3.8 08-08-2020

    Paygate payment integration (DPO) added -

    Multi Monoline Plan implemented

    Pass-up/X-up MLM plan implemented

    Contract Signing Module - Lets the users sign the contract upon registration

    Lucky Draw Module added

    Pre Registration Approval - Lets admin approve users’ registration before it take place in back office system

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 3.7 07-07-2020

    Flower tree implemented for Gift MLM plan

    Franchisee Management - Option to register franchisees and manage them in the system

    WooCommerce e-commerce platform added

    Binary Leg Locking - Option for locking any leg of a user based on different criteria in Binary plan

    Multi Level Ranking - Integration of different set of ranks for ranking

    Reward Point Wallet

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 3.6 06-06-2020

    Radial Tree implementation

    Multi-Binary Plan added

    PayTm payment added

    Paypal payment integration for payout

    MyWarehouse Shipping integration with e-Commerce

    Order based autoship option in e-commerce

    Hybrid plan improved

    Hybrid tree improved

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 3.5 05-05-2020

    BitPay payment added

    Learning Center Module

    Notes & Comments Module

    Cut off balance feature on payout - Option to set minimum balance keeping

    Allowed days feature on payout - Option to set payout only on selected days

    Email notification for payout release

    Payout pin change using email otp

    Distribution of binary points to upline feature on manual point transaction module

    Added more languages - Russian, vietnamese and arabic

    Zapier added

    ECommerce - Opencart Integration

    eWallet payment extension module for OpenCart

    BTCPay payment added

    Mollie payment added

    PowerPay payment added

    Manual pay module - Option to make payments outside the system

    Live currency rate display module

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 3.4 04-04-2020

    ROI wallet added

    Simulation module

    Testing interface added

    Improved replication page

    Common transaction password change option added

    Income progress bar

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 3.3 03-03-2020

    B2Bpay payment added

    Language management

    Currency management

    Crisp Live chat added

    Cookie consent added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 3.2 02-02-2020

    Invoice management

    Binary point transaction feature

    To-do list inclusion

    State management - Option to add/remove states )

    Country management - Option to add/remove countries

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 3.1 01-01-2020

    Board Plan/Cycle matrix plan added

    Investment module

    New badge option based on user rank

    New Badge Option

    CoinGate payment added

    Perfect money payment added

    Blockchain payment added

    Email verification on registration

    Option for fund transferring between users

    Email broadcast option for admin

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 3.0 12-12-2019

    Enhanced transaction report

    Tree icon customisation - You can change tree view based on user package, gender, rank, etc.

    Option to go to tree options from tree list

    New design on profile page

    Option to register new user from tree

    Option to change username

    Security updates on wallet payment

    Wallet module configuration issue solved

    Updated auto responder module

    Email dispatch feature on CRM

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 2.9 11-11-2019

    Payout account info display added

    Payout address automatic selection issue solved

    Option to configure icon images for ranks

    Option to allow/prevent external user registration

    Added reserved username option - Option to put unique usernames to avoid repetition

    Enhanced user account overview

    Added otp based security pin and option to change transaction password

    System reset feature for admin

    Advanced user termination option

    Email testing function added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 2.8 10-10-2019

    Graphical representation of new lead on dashboard

    Member id implementation for each user

    Available service country graph -You can see users on country wise in map view

    Monthly maintenance fee - Module for adding monthly maintenance fee from users

    System notification implemented

    Enhanced package overview

    Enhanced rank overview

    Option for sorting package order on registration

    Package purchase and upgrade modules

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 2.7 09-09-2019

    Money investment module

    Graphical representation of invoices in the system

    Last logged information widget

    Level completion bonus added

    Advanced dashboard LCP display design

    Improved localisation settings

    Remote user login module for the admin

    Progressive email settings

    Option to suspend registration page from maintenance mode

    Additional dashboard graphical informations in support system

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 2.6 08-08-2019

    Cron job report

    Custom user specific based replication link

    Database backup and restore for the admin

    Default binary position selector for admin

    Inactive commission report on commission manager

    Provided sample excel download button on data migration

    Option to set email subject on email template

    Enhanced system maintenance mode

    Initial user setup module on the first login

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 2.5 07-07-2019

    Implemented age restrictions on signup

    Wider configurations on binary commission

    Binary info dashboard display

    Binary pair report

    User based binary point distribution restrictions

    Overall business report

    Robust security updates

    Reformed module management

    Commission manager ( You can enable/disable commission)

    Added more languages - German, japanese and korean

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 2.4 06-06-2019

    End user authentication with OAuth 2.0

    Trading BOT inclusion

    Added more languages - French, Italian, Kishwali, Portuguese, Hindi

    Airtime (Mobile Recharge) module added

    Added Airtel and Safaricom to Airtime

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 2.3 05-05-2019

    Event Manager (with ticket booking option)

    Twilio SMS API added

    GraphQl inclusion

    Party MLM plan added

    Ipay Africa payment added

    Advanced ranking (ranking based on downline users’ rank)

    Africa's Talking SMS API added

    Ad pop-ups ( Create and manage ad pop-ups )

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 2.2 04-04-2019

    CryptoCurrency live market cap display added

    Crypto Wallet (rechargeable wallet) added

    Improved support system (Added knowledge base)

    PayStack payment (Pay In) added

    CryptoCurrency Live trading added

    Added option to restrict payout once a week based on settings

    TextLocale SMS API added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 2.1 03-03-2019

    Manual commission distribution - Admin now has privilege of giving specific commission for specific user manually with transaction password

    Send push notification

    Initial back office setup

    SMS otp based on two factor authentication

    Add on cart inclusion

    Left right based referrals report

    Real time commission info

    Earnings report added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 2.0 02-02-2019

    Hybrid MLM plan (Binary + Matrix + Unilevel) added

    Hybrid genealogy tree view added

    More crypto currency payment option

    Coinpayment payment added

    Hybrid plan tree explorer added

    Option to load money to internal wallet from external gateways

    Real time commission info added

    User placement change in hybrid plan

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 1.9 01-01-2019

    Clicksend sms added

    Default binary position selector added ( You can set user positions in binary as default left, default right, alternative and weakest Leg )

    Fund transfer restriction option ( You can set fund transfer restrictions to sponsor downlines, referrals and placement downlines based on wallet settings )

    Shows email alert for transaction password change

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 1.8 12-12-2018

    Support system

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) added

    Uni-level MLM plan added

    Monthly subscription module added

    Scope based payment method configuration ( You can configure different payment methods for each payment activity )

    Option for data backup and restore

    Bank wire payment option added

    Direct Pay payment option added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 1.7 11-11-2018

    Paypal Express pay-in option added

    Advanced user details migration

    Two-Factor authentication for secure login added

    Lock screen option added

    Monoline MLM plan added

    Matrix MLM plan added

    Advanced system activity history added

    Support chat added

    System Maintenance mode alert management from administration

    Cron Management ( You can set cron jobs for scheduling tasks )

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 1.6 10-10-2018

    Paypal pay-in and pay-out option added

    Import user details from excel sheet

    Google captcha for secure login

    Implemented Secure PIN for major admin operations like payout release, user migration, etc.

    Binary plan with upline point distribution added

    Blocktrail BTC pay-in and pay-out option added

    Package upgradation

    Package upgradation added

    Option to set advanced alert and countdown timer for users

    Improved design for lead capture page

    Binary points report

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 1.5 09-09-2018

    Referral list added in member management

    Referral Report for both admin and user

    Referral report for both admin and user

    Payout added

    Custom field management ( You can now add/change fields )

    SMS feature added

    News feature added ( You can write and publish news)

    Current rank user report

    User rank history report

    Referral or sponsor commission added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 1.4 08-08-2018

    Personalized rank setting feature (Admin can set a rank for users. System will keep this rank based on rank calculation and bonus distribution.)

    Lead capture module

    Social media sharing

    Account status analysis report

    Feedback inclusion

    Product based shipping charge added

    E-pin via payment option

    Fast start bonus added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 1.3 07-07-2018

    Email communication within the system

    E-pin integration

    Package management added

    Member placement change report

    Sponsor change report

    Improved design

    Shipping charge added

    New theme added : Opera

    Responsive design

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 1.2 06-06-2018

    Placement change module added ( You can change user position in network )

    Sponsor change module added (You can change user referral in network)

    User ranking based on referral count

    Multi wallet inclusion

    Global system settings added ( Settings include company information, mail configuration, design, information pages, email templates, general settings, payment gateway and maintenance mode.)

    Payout transaction charge added

    Fund transfer fee added

    Registration fee added

    Package based discount added

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 1.1 05-05-2018

    Menu management
    ( Option to change dashboard menu order and details )

    Hierarchical tree view of members

    Option for search and locate member’s position in tree explorer

    You can change account status (For managing personalized users’ account status like suspend payout, suspend earnings, suspend login, etc.)

    Business wallet (To manage company overall income and expenses Service charge added)

    Tax added

    Multi currency support

    Multi language support ( Now supports spanish and chinese )

  • Hybrid MLM Software - V 1.0 18-04-2018

    Initial release