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Hybrid MLM Add-ons

We understand that there are certain unique features relevant for a seamless MLM software performance.

Hybrid MLM Add-ons

We understand that there are certain unique features relevant for a seamless MLM software performance. You are free to customize these features to suit your desire or choose to develop new ones to fit the specific desire of your business enterprise. For the best software experience, here is a quick preview of the add-on packages offered by Hybrid MLM software.

E-Wallet Integration

An e-wallet is a cloud storage system that handles information on financial transactions like income (cash-in) and expenditures (cash-out) of your downline members in the form of e-pin, e-money/e-currency or other virtual money systems.

Our MLM integration with e-wallet has safe and risk-free dynamic e-commerce features designed for the success of your company, including;

  • Multi wallet system including; repurchase wallet and business wallet that is capable of handling different forms of e-currency storage.
  • Cash-in/cash-out transaction as well as adjustable per wallet payout settings.
  • Maximum wallet security with high-tech IP whitelisting system that allows transactions for a particular customer only through a specific IP address.
  • Inter-wallet and intra-wallet fund transfer feature which can handle all currency transaction like; enabling or disable transaction, minimum/maximum amount to transfer.
  • Risk-free E-purchases with VCC (virtual credit card) systems that could be used to purchase/upgrade in the MLM software, just like the conventional online credit card purchases.

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E-Wallet Integration - hybrid mlm software

E-Commerce Integration - hybrid mlm software

E-Commerce Integration

The MLM e-commerce feature give you the option of integrating an internal cart system or any other open source carts like Open Cart, Magento and woo-commerce, as well as performing all your financial transactions in the shortest possible time and with ease on the side of the customer.

Hybrid MLM e-commerce module can efficiently handle all transactions obtainable in modern day online businesses, including; user registration, product purchase and product delivery. Our customizable e-commerce feature comes with an amazing front-end website interface that is perfectly designed to be user friendly.

Our online shopping module is a highly flexible e-commerce integration that comes with loads of other amazing features, including; multi-currency, product and manufacturers category, different payment gateways, an effective reporting system, all on a super-cool dashboard.

  • Improved productivity time since payments and delivery of products are done faster, and also since you can effectively and quickly handle complex situations with multiple clients.
  • Improved customer relationship and higher chances for quicker expansion of your online business

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Most MLM businesses prefer e-pins for financial transactions. The e-pin is a secure number generated for online activities like sign ups/registrations and product sales. Our MLM software solution comes with a flexible e-pin generator and management integration to handle several MLM financial activities like;

  • Secured payment gateways for e-pin purchase
  • E-pin modules to handle e-pin generation and allocation, e-pin delivery via SMS integration and e-pin reporting system. Our e-pin feature is also flexible, with an option to regulate the amount for the generated e-pin.

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E-pin - hybrid mlm software

CRM Integration - hybrid mlm software

CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management is a growing trend in modern day multi-level marketing business. If you intend to keep track of and manage your customer’s data in the network marketing business, then you definitely need the integration of the CRM feature in your MLM software.

The CRM add-on handles;

  • Automated sales/marketing to foster increased sales
  • Easy and efficient downline management through real-time tracking of customer’s activity
  • Lead quality management and marketing accountability

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SMS Integration

The SMS plugin feature gives an advantage in terms of product promotion and advertisement, prompt or scheduled response to clients, as well as foster a faster revenue generation strategy. Hybrid SMS is an affordable integration with the MLM software that we offer, and can handles quick preset SMS response to active users on important activities, like; purchases, payouts or registration on a highly intuitive dashboard

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SMS Integration - hybrid mlm software

Automated Replication System - hybrid mlm software

Automated Replication System

The secret of a profitable affiliate marketing website is its ability to self-replicate when a new member is referred. When a downline member registers anyone, the new member also gets a personalized website which can handle similar contents like pictures/videos gallery and social media feeds as the original website to further promote the business marketing.

Members also have the freedom to customize their own website design using our CMS module or simply selecting any of our preset designs for their replication page.

This feature is highly flexible with an easy-to-use administrative interface which also supports other MLM add-ons like e-commerce. The major advantage of our automated website replication is that it enhances product and brand promotion with SEO-friendly replicate websites.

Auto Responders

Our high quality auto responder is a web-based plugin feature that is designed to capture relevant user data like names and emails, as well as sends direct messages to the collected contacts. The message could either be a sales promotion message or a marketing/advertisement message which could be in the form of a website link that is aimed at promoting your products.

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Auto Responders - hybrid mlm software

 Multiple Language/Multiple Currency System - hybrid mlm software

Multiple Language/Multiple Currency System

The multilingual and multi-currency feature provided in integration with Hybrid multi-level marketing software gives you the option for your MLM software to run on different language of your choice, and also accept currencies of different nations of the world for a smoother transaction and communication with your customers.

Hybrid MLM software solutions comes in English, Spanish, Italian and French, and an also be customized to whatever language choice you choose. The multi-currency feature also allows you to interact with the designated currency that corresponds with the language you choose for a more straightforward interaction with your customers.

Our multi-currency system, which is compactable the e-commerce feature, also supports OpenCart and Magento add-ons. And with the CMS integration included, you sure have an advantage in terms of efficient customer transaction response.

Cryptocurrency Integration

If you have a cryptocurrency or you want to integrate an existing cryptocurrency to your own MLM software, the Hybrid Cryptocurrency feature is capable of handling that need. If you are also looking to promote your own cryptocurrency as a means of payment on your MLM platform, our cryptocurrency system can also help you achieve that goal.

We provide premium cryptocurrency MLM software for wide range of crypto coins, like; like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Zcash, etc. With our high quality affiliate marketing system, we can help you publicize your own crypto coin and wallet coin service which will in the long run increase the profitability of your business.

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Cryptocurrency Integration - hybrid mlm software

Bitcoin Integration - hybrid mlm software

Bitcoin Integration

Bitcoin is already a popular trend in the crypto market today. With a bitcoin integration in your MLM software, your customers enjoy a free and limitless payment option. Hybrid Bitcoin MLM software, when integrated with our e-wallet add-on, is capable of efficiently handling various Bitcoin transactions, like;

  • Fast and secured Bitcoin exchange
  • Bitcoin payments worldwide

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Support System

In every business, it is very important to maintain a vibrant report with customers through an effective customer service system. Hybrid MLM software company provides premium customer support services through our support system add-on. Our centralized support service add-on handles the following support needs;

  • An efficient ticket system with designated staffs that handle ticket-based issues
  • Self-service help desk for customers
  • Email alerts and prompt response to customer’s requests

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Support System - hybrid mlm software

Event Management System - hybrid mlm software

Event Management System

We also have a modern event planning system which you can integrate with our MLM software. This add-on can take care of even creation on selected dates and at any specific time. Other features of our event management system includes;

  • Event calendar for easy and convenient date selection
  • Event notifications system that handles pop ups when a set event is due
  • Map location picker in case there is a need to include a specific location to the set event