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Hybrid MLM have a bunch of modules that fulfill your Network marketing needs.The categorized view of modules based on their characteristics is listed here.


We keep researching on making MLM business more effortless and we have developed some awesome add-ons as a part of this. Most familiar add-ons from the Hybrid MLM Software are here categorized as general.

Account Status

This module is used to manage the account status of the user, like active, inactive etc. The admin can also manage customized status such as suspend login, suspend commission earnings etc for every users.

Auto responder

This module sends periodic mails to all members in the system, either to remind something or to generate wishes on special occasions through email.

Monthly Subscription

This module is useful if there's any monthly or yearly subscription plan in your business. Once this module is installed, the sytem automatically renews the member subscription with a deduction of curresponding payments from their e-wallet.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

The module includes almost all the features of a regular CRM software available in the market. You can manage invoices, lead and customers here.

Change Placement

This module helps to change the position of a user from one place to another. Its includes a detailed report of the placement change.

Change Sponsor

This module helps to change the sponsor of a user. It includes the detailed report of the sponsor change.

Employee Management

This module is used for creating staff or employee account with custom privilages for making the business operations secure and easier. A seperate login page is designed for the employees.

E-pin Management

The E-pin is a secure number generated for online activities like signups and product sales. It is a security code generated from the system. Users can also purchase E-pins using payment methods like e-wallet, PayPal, etc.


This module covers the frequently asked questions for the users. The questions and answers are displayed on a category basis.


This module is used by the company for collecting feedbacks from the customers. Using this tool, admin can able to create multiple feedback forms. The feedback form is of objective type and hence it's easy to gather informations.


This is used for verifying the authenticity of a customer using their government approved ID proofs. The admin can easily configure the list of KYC documents to be collected from the customer.

Lead Capture Page

Complete lead management solution including customized lead page design


This tool is used for passing any informations to the users from the admin. The admin can also pre-schedule specific news to publish on any particular date. Users can view this news on their dashboard after it's being published by the admin.

Package Upgrade

This module is used for membership upgradation of users from one package to another. Installation of this module is needed only if there's a concept of package upgradation in your business plan.


This feature enables the users to withdraw the amount in their wallet to external bank accounts. Payout management includes some unique and flexible features. Various reports related to payout are available in this module.

Product Tour

Every new customer is welcomed with a product tour as an introduction to the system.


It's a tool used for business marketing. Admin can upload promotional posters or articles for the customers, which can be shared on social media.

Referral List


Providing personalized website for every member who joined in your business like

Shopping Cart

This is an internal shopping cart module, by which the system users can purchase your products.


Bulk Sms and Sms notification for all major transactions in system

Support System

Complete support management solution including agent management and knowledge base

Tawk Chat

Contact the business admin using live chat system for each user

Default Binary Position Selector

This module is to assist the binary plan MLM by helping the user to place their referrals in a predefined position during the referral joins. That is, when a new user joins the system, they are placed in a predefined position by the sponsor instead of selecting the position by the user itself.

Eazy Signup
Event Management

Create your calendar with events and purchase option for your event ticket

Manual Transaction

Admin can send commissions to the users manually. Once installed, this can be viewed in the member management section.

Pre Home

Pre-home page in between the login page and the dashboard, which can be utilized in different ways.

Learning Center
Initial Setup

Placement Changer

Terminate user

MLM Plans

Binary MLM Plan | Hybrid MLM Software
Board MLM Plan | Hybrid MLM Software
Board / Matrix Cycle / Table
Matrix MLM Plan | Hybrid MLM Software

Mono-line MLM Plan | Hybrid MLM Software
Unilevel MLM Plan | Hybrid MLM Software
Hybrid MLM Plan | Hybrid MLM Software

Party MLM Plan | Hybrid MLM Software
Party Plan


Activity Report
Binary Point Report
Joining Report

Sales Report
Down-line Users Report
Wallet Report

Earning Report
Left/Right Referrals Report
Binary Pair Report

Business Rreport
Cron Job Report
Placement Report

Top Sponsors Report
Transaction Report
Wallet Report

Downline Users Reports


Advanced Privileges
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Google reCAPTCHA

Email Authentcator

Payment Gateways

Bank Wire
Block Trail
Crypto Wallet

By Hand

Free Pay

iPay Africa

Perfect Money



Reliance Sms

Africa's Talking


Advanced Alert
Commission Blocks
Sales Blocks

Top Earners and Top Sponsors
User Joining Blocks
Wallet Layouts

Add Popup
Binary Info Block

Country Service Graph
Package Overview

Rank Overview
User Account Overview


Different kind of commissions that are commonly used in MLM business are following. which are already developed with easily configurable options and ready to go. We create a new kind of commission modules on demand

Basic Rank Commission
Binary Commission
Daily Active Bonus

Fast Start Bonus
Level Commission (Placement Line)
Re-Activation Bonus

Referral/Sponsor Commissions
Level Commission (Sponsor Line)
Team Bonus

Direct Referral Bonus
Indirect Referral Bonus
Pool Bonus


Hybrid MLM Software packed with an internal cart to purchase product and services.Here you can see various additional modules supporting cart system.

Flat Rate Shipping

Package Based Discount
Product Based Discount
Product Based Shipping

Registration Fee


Basic Rank (Based on Referral Count)
Advanced Rank



Crypto Wallet

Transaction Charge

E-pin Generation Fee
Payout Fee
Renewal Fee

Service Charge
Transaction Fee

Fund Transfer Fee


Genealogy Tree
Tabular Tree


Backup & Restore
User Migration
Coin/Trading Tracker

Email Broadcasting


Base Cart
Add-On Cart